“A ‘must-read’ for every husband and wife who have a debit card”

The order related to a complaint filed by Rajesh Kumar from Bengaluru whose wife Vandana had asked him to withdraw Rs 25,000 from State Bank of India SBI using her debit card as she had just had a baby and could not move about.

She gave her husband her PIN and when he used the ATM machine, he got a slip showing that the amount had been “debited” but the ATM itself released no cash. Kumar promptly called the bank and was told that the machine was “at fault” and that the amount would be reverted to Vandana’s account “within 24 hours” .

When the money did no appear in the account for several days, and his subsequent visit to the SBI branch too brought no redress, Kumar filed a complaint under the Consumer Protection Act. What followed was a sordid saga that ended in May 2018, four and a half years after the failed transaction at the ATM, with a court order dismissing the couple’s claim despite CCTV proof that no money was delivered from the machine.

SBI argued in court that since Vandana did not operate the card herself, and had “shared her PIN details” with her husband, the bank was not liable to compensate them for the loss of Rs 25,000. SBI cited its rule that forbids sharing of PIN details. The consumer court accepted this argument.”

Source: The wire


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