Bid rigging to obtain contracts meant for Small, Disadvantaged Businesses

“According to court documents, MCC and others conspired with two companies that were eligible to receive federal government contracts set asides for small, disadvantaged businesses with the understanding that MCC would illegally perform all of the work.

In so doing, MCC was able to win 27 government contracts worth over $70 million from 2008 to 2011.  The scope and duration of the scheme resulted in a significant number of opportunities lost to legitimate small and disadvantaged businesses.

Court documents also state that Crummy drafted corporate documents between MCC and one of the SBA-eligible companies whereby MCC would provide all labor, equipment, materials, safety and supervision and in return receive 97 percent of the contract task order amount.  This agreement by its terms meant that the SBA-eligible company would be violating SBA rules and regulations and would instead collect a 3 percent fee for allowing their small business status to be used.”

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